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What Mama Saw

Written By: Emilie Poulsson
Music By: Eleanor Smith
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1999 KIDiddles.com

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What do you think
Mama saw on the hill?
Three little lambs
That were all lying still.
White woolly lambs
By the white woolly sheep.
All tuckered out,
They were going to sleep.

What do you think
Mama saw in the shed?
Two tiny colts
That were going to bed.
Quiet they kept,
Not a kick or a leap;
Frisking no more,
They were going to sleep.

Under the barn
Can you guess what she saw?
Curly-tailed pigs
Snuggled up in the straw.
Close by their mother
They lay in a heap;
Squealing no more,
They were going to sleep.

What do you think
Mama sees while she sings?
Fairest and dearest
Of all little things!
Baby, my darling,
How quiet you keep,
Hearing of animals
Going to sleep.

Still as the curly-tailed
Pigs in a heap,
Still as the colts,
Not a kick or a leap,
Still as the lambs,
My beloved, you keep,
While Mama sings about
Going to sleep.

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