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Children's Songs
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About Copyrights

All lyrics on KIDiddles are property of their respective owners and are provided for informational and educational purposes only. While most of the songs on the site are in the Public Domain, the lyrics or musical composition have, in many cases, been adapted by KIDiddles, and are subject to our copyright. Almost all of the MIDI files on this site have been created by KIDiddles specifically for use on KIDiddles.

Since the KIDiddles' site was first launched in 1998, we've spent a lot of time and effort -- not to mention thousands of dollars in resource materials and web site hosting costs alone -- to build, research and provide this online collection for the benefit of all. Please respect our efforts.

You are welcome to use and print the song lyrics for home or classroom use without requesting specific permission. However, no portion of the material on this site is to be re-posted, reproduced, or sold without prior permission. COMMERCIAL USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, unless you have obtained written authorization from us. We will exercise our legal rights if necessary.

Many popular children's songs -- particularly those that date from the 1920s and forward -- are often subject to copyright. In those cases, the lyrics cannot be posted without explicit permission from (and, possibly, royalty payments to) the copyright holder. As a result, copyrighted songs are not available on this site, with a few exceptions where we have been granted permission to post the lyrics. Where permission has been granted, it will be noted on the song's page. That permission has been granted exclusively to KIDiddles, its employees, agents and assigns. As a provision of our license, you are entitled to view these lyrics for your personal enjoyment or educational purposes only. They may not be redistributed by you, or reproduced in total or in part, without the copyright holder's express written permission. COMMERCIAL USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

If you find a song on the list that is unattributed, and you know who the author or copyright holder is, please forward whatever details you have regarding the song (author, publisher, address, etc.) to us via our Contact Us link. We will make all possible attempts to contact the owner and obtain permission for use of same on this site. If you are the legal owner of a song displayed on KIDiddles and do not wish for it to be shown, please contact us and tell us the particulars of your ownership. We will gladly remove the lyrics and/or music to the song.

Sources of Videos
Most of the videos embedded on KIDiddles.com are from http://www.youtube.com/ Videos posted on this site are for educational, entertainment, and historical purposes. All rights to these videos remain with their owners.
We thank all the video uploaders whose videos we have reposted on KIDiddles.com. We also thank YouTube.com for helping to make these videos available to the general public. If an uploader of a video sends a request to songs(at)kididdles.com for us to remove their videos from KIDiddles, we will do so. Please note that links to YouTube videos or to other online resources may get out-of-date and not work. Please also be aware that some comments posted on YouTube may not be suitable for children.

Note: This material is for informational purposes only and is not a legal document and should not be regarded as such.