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Children's Songs
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1. Where do I get the melody to the song?

You can play and download many of the songs on KIDiddles. Go to the Index page, the songs with the green music note have MIDI music files. You can also download them, the process of downloading depends upon which browser you are using.
You should see a player beneath the "Play Songs" graphic.

If you don't see the player, try upgrading your browser.

2. I can't hear the sound, what's wrong?

If you use Microsoft Windows:
The free Media Player that comes with Windows plays MIDI files. Download Media Player. Alternatively, the free QuickTime Player plays MIDI files. Download Quicktime.

If you're using Apple's Macintosh:
The free QuickTime Player plays MIDI files. Download Quicktime

Check that your speakers (or headphones) are plugged in and turned on.
Check your computer's volume settings if the song is playing very softly.

3. Why do I receive a blank PDF when I try to download SongSheets?

Do you have the Acrobat Reader installed? Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Make sure you are waiting long enough for the PDF to download and open.
Some larger PDFs can take several minutes to download on a slower connection.

If you wait a few minutes and still receive a blank page, clear your cache.
If you still receive a blank PDF when downloading make sure the Fast
Web View option in Acrobat Reader is disabled.

1. Select Preferences within the Edit pull-down menu.
2. Select the Options category.
3. Uncheck the option labeled Allow Fast Web View.

1. Select Preferences within the Adobe Reader pull-down menu.
2. Select the Internet category.
3. Uncheck the option labeled Allow Fast Web View.

It is also imperative that you check the manufacturer's website for your
printer to make certain that you have the most current version of the
printer driver.

4. Can you help me find a song?

I am not able to help at the moment as I am working on new features for KIDiddles,
and I get hundreds of requests a week. A great resource for researching songs is the
Mudcat Discussion Forum. If your song doesn't show up in their Lyrics & Knowledge
Search Box
, post a question in the forum. Good Luck.

5. Why doesn't a page doesn't display properly?

You are probably using an old browser. Please update to the latest version:

Internet Explorer: Download

Firefox: Download

Safari: Download

6. Copyright questions?

Go to our About Copyrights page.

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