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Halloween Songbook October 2011 Newsletter

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October 2011 Newsletter

Hi ~ This month, we have the Kididdles Halloween
Songbook for you. It has the lyrics of great Halloween songs
plus fun activity sheets.

Halloween Song Book
Halloween will soon be here. I've tried to help by making you
a songbook with ten great Halloween songs and fun activities.
You can download it here:
There are 20 pages in the songbook.
These are the some of the songs you'll find in the songbook:

Five Little Pumpkins,
It's Halloween,
Halloween is Coming Soon,
Dark Halloween,
Black Shadows,
I Am a Little Ghostie,
Three Little Witches,
Funny Halloween,
Haloween Night,
The Twelve Days of Halloween

You can find more than 30 Halloween songs in the Halloween
Section on KIDiddles:

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I'll be in touch next month.
Keep on Singing!


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