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Build a Home

Written By: Alice C. D. Riley
Music By: Jessie L. Gaynor
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1998

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Deep the cellar, timbers high,
(Both hands point down, then up -- arms full length.)

Pointed roof up in the sky,
(Bring fingertips together over the head.)

Drive the nails in straight and true,
(Hammer with one fist on the other.)

Build a house for me and you.
(Continue to hammer.)

Windows, shining eyes to see,
(Circle hands at eyes and 'peek' in.)

Doors open wide to welcome me,
(Open arms wide.)

Fire glowing, oh, so bright,
('Warm' hands in front of fire, then rub hands together.)

That is HOME on winter's night.
(Hug self as if snug and warm.)

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