The Backwards Song song and lyrics from KIDiddles

The Backwards Song

Written by: Unknown, Copyright: Unknown

Well, I walked up the door and I opened the stairs
Said my pyjamas and I put on my prayers.
Turned off the bed and jumped into the light
All because you kissed me goodnight!

Well, I woke up this morning and I scrambled my shoes
Polished up an egg and I toasted the news
Buttered my tie and took another bite
All because you kissed me goodnight!

I powered my hair and pinned up my nose
I hung up my bath and turned on my clothes
I put out the clock and wound the cat up tight
All because you kissed me goodnight!

I ran up the shade and pulled down the stair
Curled the rug and vacuumed my hair
Just couldn’t tell my left foot from my right
All because you kissed me, never could resist me
All because you kissed me goodnight!

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