Clever Trevor

Words and Music By: Norman Cazden
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1998

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My very first job,
I remember it well,
I was sent to the post office,
To get the mail.
"What name?" asked the clerk;
I looked him in the eye:
"That's none of your bus'ness,
You nosy!" said I.

Clever Trevor they called me,
I never knew why;
I went out to deliver
For a dairy nearby.
"Put the milk in the truck, Trev;
Why are you so slow?"
"It takes time to pour it
From the cartons, you know!"

One morning there lay about
Two feet of snow;
Says my foreman, "Just clear off
The pavement for now."
I rigged up the snow plow
And cleared it complete,
Put the snow and the pavement
All out in the street.

Said the checker, when I worked for
An express shipping line,
"Hitch your cab to the trailer
That's sitting out behind."
When I saw him the next day,
He seemed down in the mouth:
"You've got the trailer goin' north,
And the cab headin' south!"

A man parked his Cadillac
Near me one day;
"Keep an eye on it,
You'll get ten dollars for pay."
But he never paid me,
For a stranger came by,
"But I kept my eye on it
While he drove away!" said I.

I was reading the paper
In the subway last night,
It didn't make sense
When I held it upright,
So I flipped it topsy-turvy;
A fellow asked, "Why?"
"Cause it's easier to read it
This way," I replied.

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