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Five Little Magpies

Written By: T. P. Cowling
Music By: B. Mansell Ramsey
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1998

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Five little magpies sat on a wall,
(Hold up left hand with fingers extended)

Ten little feet amongst them all.
(Show both hands, fingers extended)

Two little magpies crowed and said,
(Point to ring and pinkie fingers)

"It's getting late, we're off to bed."
(Fold ring and pinkie fingers down)

Two little magpies gone away,
(Point at vacant space)

Three little magpies yet did stay;
(Touch thumb and index/middle fingers)

One little magpie hopped along,
(Move thumb up and down)

Singing so sweetly his goodnight song.
(Fold thumb down)

Two little magpies all alone,
(Separate index and middle fingers.)

Oh, how frightened they had grown!
(Hug self and pretend to be scared)

They hugged each other 'til night had come,
(Cross fingers)

Then off they flew to find their Mom.
(Move index and middle fingers briskly,
as if flying, then fold them down)

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