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Written By: Sybil Morford
Copyright Unknown

Have you ever heard the tapping
Of the fairy cobbler men,
When the moon is shining brightly
Thro' the branches in the glen?
Have you seen a crew of goblins
In a water-lily boat,
Softly sliding, gently sliding,
'Mid the rushes tall afloat?

Have you seen the sleeping goblins
'Neath the mushrooms on the hills?
Have you heard the rippling music
Of the tiny fairy rills?
Have you seen the looms where spiders
Spin their sparkling silver threads?
Brightly shining and entwining
Round the nodding flower heads?

Have you seen the magic circles
Where the little fairies play,
From the last soft flush of sunset,
Till the first bright gleam of day?
Have you seen a band of fairies,
With their pickaxes so bold,
Talking gravely, trudging bravely,
Off to seek for fairy gold?

If you want to see the fairies,
You must visit them at night,
When the silvery stars are gleaming
And the moon is shining bright.
If you make no sound to warn them,
You will see the fairy men
Laughing, singing, harebells ringing
While the moonbeams light the glen.