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The French Lesson

Words and Music By: Hugo Frey
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2000

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"Un," that's one,
"Deux," that's two,
Buckle up your shiny shoes.
Un, deux, one, two,
Un, deux, un, deux,
One, two.

"Trois," that's three,
"Quatre" is four,
Don't forget to close the door.
Trois, quatre, three, four,
Trois, quatre, trois, quatre,
Three, four.

"Cinq" is five,
"Six" is six,
Stop and pick up little sticks.
Cinq, six, five, six,
Cinq, six, cinq, six,
Five, six.

"Sept" is seven,
"Huit" is eight,
Look behind the garden gate.
Sept, huit, seven, eight,
Sept, huit, sept, huit,
Seven, eight.

"Neuf" is nine,
"Dix" is ten,
Can you sing them all again?
Neuf, dix, nine, ten,
Neuf, dix, neuf, dix,
Nine, ten.

Un, deux, trois,
Quatre, cinq, six,
Sept and huit and neuf and dix.
One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven,
Eight, nine, ten.

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