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Children's Songs
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Written By: Elsie Jean
Music By: George H. Gartlan
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2000 KIDiddles.com

Play Song
Whistles blow and engines go,
And firefighters shout,
"There's a fire down the street
And we must put it out!"
(Cup hands around mouth and pretend to shout)

Up the ladder, climbing high,
The firefighters go,
(Pretend to climb ladder)
Spraying water, Shh-shh-shh!
While folks watch from below.
(Hold 'hose' in hands and pretend to spray water)

When the fire's out at last, and
All their work is done.
"Thanks!" we'll say, as they drive away,
"For saving everyone!"
(Wave goodbye)