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Father Noah

Written By: Unknown
Music By: Carl Gottlieb Reissiger
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002

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When Father Noah built the Ark,
And all were ready to embark,
The birds and beasts from ev'ry zoo,
He marched them in, all two by two,
Though life was hard in many ways,
They stayed aboard for forty days.

Now, when at last it rained no more,
Old Noah opened up the door;
The animals stepped out to see
The world's new-found tranquility;
And as the sun burst through the clouds,
A happy cheer came from the crowd!

The camels capered with delight;
The birds sang joyfully all night;
And ev'ry beast you ever knew,
From buzzing bee to kangaroo,
Went dancing happily around,
So glad to be on solid ground!

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