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Fast Asleep

Words By: Margaret Johnson
Music By: J. Remington Fairlamb
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002

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To and fro,
So soft and slow,
Rocks my wee baby's cradle O!
Still she lies
With laughing eyes,
And will not into Dreamland go.
The crickets cry,
The stars are a-twinkling in the sky.
Soft dews fall,
While bluebirds call,
And swiftly homeward the swallows fly.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
In slumber so deep,
While sweet dreams across your eyes do creep,
And all the night,
The soft moonlight,
Within your little cradle will peep.
Hush! she sighs,
The laughter flies,
So swiftly from her drowsy eyes.
To and fro,
More soft, more slow,
And fast asleep, my baby lies.

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