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Jack Frost

Words and Music By: Unknown
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2000

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Come out, come out!
October is here;
Come out, come out!
The weather is clear.
Jack Frost has brought something
For you and for me;
His frosty white paintings --
A wonder to see!

Come look, come look!
We've only begun;
Come look, come look!
For Jack is not done.
Yes, there are more presents
From jolly Jack Frost;
They're hidden in leaves
That the north wind has tossed.

Ripe nuts, ripe nuts!
For me and for you;
Ripe nuts, ripe nuts!
Let's gather a few.
Jack Frost seems to know
That we love things to eat;
And hot roasted chestnuts
Are such a good treat!

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