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The Night Jesus Met Santa Claus

Written by: Rob Saranpa, Copyright: Rob Saranpa

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A rumbling noise came through the roof, the sound was as if snow met hoof
And he grabbed his sack and went down the chimney
He rolled on out across the floor, and there he stood, before the Lord
And a voice said I’m Jesus Christ, do you know me?

He said my name is Santa Claus, he scratched his head and took a pause
And said, “No I don’t, but let me check my list”
Well I’ve checked my list, I’ve checked it twice
And I don’t see any Jesus Christ
This has never happened before, I’ve never missed.

Then Jesus said “Just hold on there, you mean to tell me standing there
That no one ever told you about Me?”
Santa stared and shook his head, and stood there in his coat of red
He said, “It’s mostly children that talk to me”.

The night Jesus met Santa Claus, they sat down face to face
Jesus told Old St. Nick about His love and grace

And Jesus said hey Santa, ”it’s not by works you know.
You see it’s you who must believe in Me, if I’m to take you home”
You see no one ever took the time to tell Santa about the great divine
They were all to busy askin’ him for favors

And Jesus nodded His head, for He knew just what Santa meant
Then Santa knelt at the feet of the Savior
I forgive you for My own sake, what a fine disciple you would make
With your popularity and your lightning speed
In a hurry you could give, the children no matter where they live
Something good, that they really need.

The night Jesus met Santa Claus, they sat down face to face
And Jesus told old St. Nick, about His love and grace

Jesus said “Hey Santa your intentions all were fine
But please go tell the children, all about Mine.”
“Now I’ll go take these presents back
But Jesus said “look in your sack”

And when Santa did there were bibles wall to wall
Jesus said “give these away, for this is My holiday
Now dash away Santa, dash away all”
Santa said before I leave, You need to know I now believe
This all makes sense, and I feel that it’s true

Then Santa said with all his heart, I will make a brand new start
And he told Jesus, “I believe in you!”
The night Jesus saved Santa Claus, and told him of His grace
A bright new shiny smile rolled across the big man’s face
And Jesus said ‘Hey Santa, love the children, love them all”…
For Jesus gave Santa, the greatest gift of all
…And as Santa, sailed away, he said “Jesus, by the way…