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Words and Music By: Frederick Winthrop
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1998

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In the grasses of our meadow,
There's an impish goblin hid;
He's a tedious little fellow,
Always calling, ever calling,
"Katy did, Katy did, Katy did!"

How he knows my name is Katy,
Why he lies, I cannot see;
For whoever does some mischief,
He lays all the blame on me:
"Katy did, Katy did, Katy did!"

When the windowpane was broken,
When the car keys disappeared,
Though he knew it was my brother,
Still he never thought of saying,
"Billy did, Billy did, Billy did!"

When I'm told to make my bed,
Or do the other things I'm bid,
And they ask me if I did them,
I feel guilty when he answers,
"Katy did, Katy did, Katy did!"

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