Little Sleepyheads

Translated From the German
German Folksong
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2000

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Hush there, mousie,
Stay in your own housie;
Clock, you click-clock,
Softer make your tick-tock;
Ev'ry little sleepyhead,
Say your prayers, it's time for bed.

Rover, shush now,
What a noisy bow-wow;
Winds a-blowing,
Now's the time for slowing;
Or you'll wake our sleepyheads,
Tucked so nicely into bed.

Morn comes peeping,
Where our babes are sleeping;
Kitty's purring,
Not a child is stirring;
Ev'ry little sleepyhead,
Said their prayers and went to bed.

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