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Little Snowflakes

Words By: Edith Sanford Tillotson
Music By: Ira B. Wilson
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002

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Little snowflakes, little snowflakes,
Gently falling through the air,
Do you know how much I love you,
As you flutter here and there?
As you flutter, flutter, flutter,
As you whirl, whirl, whirl,
Are you jewels sent from the heavens?
Are you diamonds, are you pearls?

Little snowflakes, little snowflakes,
Softly sparkling as you fly;
Are you fairy feathers falling,
Are you stardust from the sky?
While you twinkle, twinkle, twinkle,
While you dance, dance, dance,
Could you stay a little longer,
Snowflakes, is there any chance?

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