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My Shadow Friend

Written By: Homer H. Harbour
Russian Folksong
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2001

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I've a shadow for a playmate,
And he's never twice the same:
First he's short, and then he's tall,
Then he isn't there at all.

When the sun is high at lunchtime,
He's as small as small can be:
Slippy slidey, see him glide,
Slippy slidey, by my side!

As the sun sinks lower and lower,
Like a giant, he grows tall:
Daddy Longlegs, when I run,
Daddy Longlegs, so much fun!

But I think he's scared of the darkness,
And I think he's scared of the rain,
For he disappears at night;
When it rains, he's not in sight.

Yet as soon as we turn the lights on,
Or when sunshine breaks through the clouds,
Quickly back to me he steals,
Tagging closely at my heels.

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