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On Daddy's Foot

Written By: Robert Bird
Music By: F. T. C. Wickett
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1998 KIDiddles.com

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Ride a mile on Daddy's foot!
Up, up and away!
Round about the hill we go,
In among the hay.
Out upon the whinny moor,
Down the windy glen;
In and out among the trees,
Through the woods again.

Now we climb a grassy bank
Where the flowers grow;
Now we canter down again
To the road below.
Now we pass the farmer's field,
See him as he stands!
With his cows and horses
As they graze upon the land.

When the moon is round and white
Fairies play their tricks,
Riding races through the skies
All on crooked sticks;
Who that has so fleet a horse
Would not up and ride
Round the world on daddy's foot,
By the chimneyside?

Little one, with cheeks so red,
You have ridden well;
Some day you will have to go
Round the world yourself;
Then you'll be a mighty one,
Tramping on your feet,
May you keep a heart as kind
And a laugh as sweet.