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Old Mother Goose

Traditional German Folk Song
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002 KIDiddles.com

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Oh, old Mother Goose
Had a house in the woods,
If you chanced to visit,
You'd see quite a brood!
There'd be Little Bo-Peep,
Looking after her sheep;
And the dear boy in blue
Who was always asleep!

When old Mother Goose
Wished to go for a ride,
She'd jump on her broomstick
And fly far and wide!
Up the beanstalk she'd go,
For the 'Golden Egg' show,
Then drop in to have tea
With the maids in a row.

If old Mother Goose
Was still out around noon,
She'd stop and have lunch
With the Man in the Moon.
For dessert they might try
Some of Jack Horner's pie,
And then off she would go,
With a quick wave 'Goodbye.'
And then off she would go,
With a quick wave 'Goodbye.'