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Rake the Leaves

Written By: Tycho Frenken
Copyright © Tycho Frenken

All the leaves turned colour yesterday
My daddy bought a brand new rake
He said why don't you rake the lawn?
I said come on dad are you crazy?

My dad begged pretty pretty please
I said okay I'll rake the leaves
But I won't like it just one bit
I took the rake, but that's not it

There was a hundred million leaves
From a thousand different trees
With just one rake for me to use
Oh to this day I sing the blues

So many colours and different styles
I rake the leaves into little piles
My hands were blue, my neck was stiff
I figured I was done...As if!!!

Just when I thought I'd hit the hay
The wind blew all my leaves away
My daddy asked how things were going
Then he saw all of my leaves blowing

Around and up and down the lawn
My dad just frowned and said that dinner was on
So I came in and ate my stew
And thru the window three leaves blew

And fell right upon my lap
My dad just laughed and sent me back
To rake the leaves all night long
I didn't have a break until that morning

And thru the week I kept on going
Raking leaves till it started snowing
So dad brought out the shovel too
Oh what's a boy supposed to do.