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Senor Don Gato (Spanish)

Written By: Unknown, Copyright Unknown

Sentado en silla de oro estaba el senor Don Gato

Seated on a chair of gold was Mister Cat

Con unas medias de seda y unos zapatitos blancos

With stockings of silk and little white shoes


Ate y ale pum, ate y ale pum, unos zapatitos blancos

Ha recibido una carta que si quiere ser casado

He recieved a letter asking if he wishes to be married

Con una gatita parda, sobrina de un gato pardo

To a dark girl cat, niece of a dark cat

El gatito de contento se ha caido del tejado

The kitten, from joy has fallen from the roof

Ya se ha muerto, ya se ha muerto, ya se ha muerto, el gatito

Now he has died, now he has died, now he has died, the kitten

Ya lo llevan a enterrar, por la calle del pescado

Now they take him to bury him, through the street of the fish

Las gatitas van de luto y los ratones bailando

The kittens go in mourning and the rats dancing

Y al olor de las sardinas el gato ha resucitado

And at the smell of the sardines the cat has revived

Por eso dicen la gente: siete vidas tiene el gato

That is why people say: cats have seven lives

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