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The Sturdy Blacksmith

Written By: Unknown
Music by: W. A. Mozart
Copyright Unknown

Oh, the blacksmith's a fine sturdy fellow!
Hard his hand, but his heart's true and mellow.
See him stand there, his huge bellows blowing,
With his strong brawny arms free and bare.
See the fire in the furnace a glowing;
Bright its sparkle and flash, loud its road.

Blow the fire, stir the coals, heaping more on;
Till the iron's all aglow, let it roar on!
While the smith high his hammer's a-swinging,
Fi'ry sparks fall in show'rs all around.
And the sledge on the anvil is ringing;
Fills the air with its clanging sound.

Let the blows, strong and sure, quickly falling,
Haste the work, for the iron fast is cooling.
Oh, the smith he's a fine sturdy fellow!
Bravely working from morning till night;
Hard his hand, but his heart's true and mellow;
Like his anvil, he stands for the right.