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Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose)

Written By: Winifred M. Stevens
Music By: Unknown
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1999

The fairest maiden ever seen,
Fairest maid,
Ever seen,
Was Briar Rose, the darling of
King and Queen.

The fairies brought her ev'ry gift,
Fairies gave
Ev'ry gift,
'Cept one who told a tragic doom
None could lift.

When fifteen summers she had passed,
Fifteen years
Sweetly passed,
This wicked witch a deep, deep sleep
O'er her cast.

A hundred years she slumbered there,
Hundred years
Slumbered there,
Protected by a briar hedge,
Passing fair.

The finest prince in all the land,
Finest prince
In the land,
Awoke her with a tender kiss,
Claimed her hand.

In love and beauty each one grows,
Day by day
Each one grows
None happier than Prince Charming and
Briar Rose.

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