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Twenty Froggies

Written By: George Cooper
Music By: Edward B. Birge
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1999 KIDiddles.com

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Twenty froggies went to school
Down beside a rushy pool.
Twenty little coats of green,
Twenty vests all white and clean.

"We must be on time," said they,
"First we study, then we play.
Always heed the golden rule,
When we froggies go to school."

Mister Bullfrog, grave and stern,
Called the classes in their turn;
Taught them how to nobly strive,
Likewise, how to leap and dive.

From his seat upon a log,
Showed them how to say "KER-CHOG!"
Also how to dodge a blow
From the rocks that children throw.

Polished now in high degree,
As all froggies ought to be,
Proudly sit upon their logs,
Teaching all the little frogs.