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The Train Pulled In the Station

Tune: The Wearin' of the Green
Words and Music By: Unknown
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1999

Oh, the train pulled in the station,
The bell was ringing wet;
The track ran by the depot,
And I think it's running yet.

Oh, I jumped into the river,
Just because it had a bed;
I took a sheet of water
For to cover up my head.

Oh, the rain makes all things beautiful,
The flowers, the grass, the trees;
Since the rain can do such miracles,
Could it rain on you, too, please?

It was midnight on the ocean,
Not a street car was in sight;
While the sun and moon were shining,
And it rained all day that night.

'Twas a summer day in winter,
And the snow was raining fast,
As a barefoot lad with shoes on,
Stood there, sitting in the grass.

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