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What Clatters on the Roof?

Written By: Nathan Haskell Dole
Old German Tune
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 1999

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What clatters on the roof?
With quick impatient hoof?
I think it must be Santa Claus!
Yes! Dear Santa Claus!
He's in his loaded sleigh.

I wonder what he'll bring,
What heaps of pretty things,
And how he gets them down the flue,
Yes! Down through the flue,
To where the stockings hang!

It's cold as cold can be,
Yet I would like to see
If Santa Claus is dressed in red,
Yes! Dressed all in red,
To ride around the world.

I think I'll go and peep,
Before I fall asleep;
And there he is with heaps of toys!
Yes! Yes! Heaps of toys!
You dear old Santa Claus!

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