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We'll Go to the Meadows, Where Cowslips Do Grow

Written by Jane Taylor and Ann Gilbert, Copyright: Public domain

We'll go to the meadows, where cowslips do grow,
And buttercups, looking as yellow as gold;
And daisies and violets beginning to blow,
For it is a most beautiful sight to behold.

The little bee humming about them is seen,
The butterfly merrily dances along,
The grasshopper chirps in the hedges so green,
And the linnet is singing his liveliest song.

The birds and the insects are happy and gay,
The beasts of the field - they are glad and rejoice,
And we will be thankful to God every day
And praise His great name in a loftier voice.

He made the green meadows; He planted the flowers;
He sent His bright sun in the heavens to blaze;
He created these wonderful bodies of ours,
And as long as we live we will sing of His praise.