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When Betty Eats Spaghetti

Witten by: Charles W - T Consaul, Copyright: Charles W - T Consaul,
Used with permission

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Performed by Charles W - T Consaul

When Betty eats spaghetti all the noodles go right in
They twist around her fork and almost never hit her chin
The sauce sticks to the noodles and the meatballs all behave
I'd like to eat spaghetti, but I'm really not that brave

When Freddy eats spaghetti all the noodles hit his chin
The sauce flies to the ceiling, then plops to the ground again
The meatballs bounce like ping pong balls,
Folks run away and hide
They have to hose the place down after Freddy's been inside

When Betty met with Freddy, why of course they fell in love
Although they didn't have a lot in common
that I could think of
Freddy thinks of Betty almost every other day
And Betty never makes spaghetti, so they get along okay!

Betty never makes spaghetti, so they get along okay!