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Five Little Froggies

Written By: Unknown, Copyright: Unknown

Five little froggies sat on a shore

(Children crouch in a row like frogs)

One went for a swim, then there were four

(First frog leaps and swims off)

Four little froggies

(Children crouch in a row like frogs)

Looked out to sea

(Children put hand at brow and look out to sea)

One went swimming, and then there were three

(Second frog leaps and swims off)

Three little froggies said "What can we do?"

(Children crouch, and repeat)

One jumped in the water, then there were two

(Third frog leaps and swims off)

Two little froggies sat in the sun

(Children crouch)

One swam off, and then there was one

(Fourth frog leaps and swims off)

One little froggie said "This is no fun!"

(Child crouches and repeats)

He dived in the water, and then there were none!

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