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Let's Move!

Words and Music By: W. H. Walker
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002 KIDiddles.com

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Hold your right hand up;
(Hold right hand high above head)

Hold your left hand up;
(Bring right hand down, then
hold left hand high above head)

Shake your fingers 'round,
(Shake fingers briskly in front of body)

And then clap, clap, clap!
(Clap three times)

Stretch your right arm out;
(Stretch right arm horizontally)

Stretch your left arm out;
(Bring right arm in, then
stretch left arm horizontally)

Give a little hop,
(Hop once)

Then turn once about.
(Turn around once)

Bend and touch your toes;
(Bend and touch toes)

Then stretch to the sky;
(Arms extended upward, reaching high)

Like a little bird,
(Hands folded under arms,
strut around like a bird)

Spread your wings and fly!
(Arms extended outward,
flap 'wings' like a bird)

On your right foot, hop;
(Put left foot up,
then hop up and down on right foot)

On your left foot, hop;
(Put right foot up,
then hop up and down on left foot)

Now jump with both feet,
(Jump up and down quickly with two feet)

Then it's time... to... STOP!
(Freeze in motion.)