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Molly And Tenbrooks

The Racehorse Song

Written by: Unknown, Copyright: Unknown

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Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor

Tenbrooks was a bay horse, had a long, shaggy mane
Rode all around Memphis, beat the big Memphis train
Run, Tenbrooks, run, 'cause if you don't run
Molly's gonna beat you to the bright shinin' sun.
Bright shinin' sun.

The women were weepin', their babes cryin' too
The nine proud horses came thunderin' through
With Molly the leader, her head tossin' high
With Molly the leader, and Tenbrooks behind
She came flyin' by.

We shouted to Kuyper, you're not ridin' right
Molly is a beatin' Tenbrooks out of sight
Kuyper, oh Kuyper, Kuyper my son
Give him the bridle, and let Tenbrooks run.
Let Tenbrooks run.

Tenbrooks looked at Molly, "Your face is so red
Been runnin in the hot sun with a feverish head
You're fallin' behind me, I'm out here all alone."
Molly says to Tenbrooks, "I'm leavin' this world
I'm goin' on home."

Oh, run fetch old Tenbrooks and tie him in the shade
They're buryin' Molly in a coffin ready made
Out in California Molly done as she pleased,
Back in Kentucky, got beat with all ease
Got beat with all ease.