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Nature's Lullaby

Written By: Richard Compton
Scottish Folksong
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2001

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Hush-a-bye, baby,
The night winds are sighing,
Go to sleep, baby,
The crickets are crying;
Sleep 'til the dew
On the green grass is winking,
Sleep 'til the morning sun,
Wakens you blinking.

Warm in their woolly folds,
Lambkins are resting,
Soft in their swaying beds,
Birdies are nesting;
All through the night,
In your cradle lie dreaming,
'Til the bright sun
Through the window comes streaming.

Off in the distance,
A hoot owl is calling,
Into sweet dreams,
Little babes should be falling;
Hush-a-bye, baby,
It's time you were sleeping,
'Til rays of sunlight
At morning come creeping.

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