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Welsh Lullaby (A Mother Was Pressing Her Babe) (æRoedd Mam yn Cofleidio)

Air: Difyrwch Arglwyddes Owain (Lady Owen's Delight)
Written By: Unknown
Copyright Unknown

A mother was pressing
Her babe to her breast
And saying while soothing
His sorrow to rest
Sleep gently my darling,
Sleep soundly my boy
For thou art my treasure,
My rapture and joy
The trumpet is howling
Again and again
Thy father is sailing
A-far on the main
May Heav'n be his shield
On the deep heaving sea
And bring him in safely
To thee and to me

The lightning was vivid,
The thunder was loud
The mother was praying,
And sobbing aloud
Amid the wild moaning
Of nature in strife
The captain sprang forward,
And flew to his wife
He kiss'd the fond mother,
He kiss'd his dear boy
And gazed on them kindly,
Exclaiming with joy
"I've made a good fortune,
And never will roam
Again from my wife,
My sweet child, and my home"