A Valentine For Me

Words By: Florence C. Fox
Music: English Folk Song
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002 KIDiddles.com

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"Hello, Postman, have you any
Valentine among so many
That someone has sent to me?
Could you look in your bag and see?
Valentine, Valentine,
I sure hope that there's one that's mine!
Postman, please, could you look and see
If there's one in your bag for me?"

"Yes, I'm sure I came upon it,
One with your name written on it;
Now you've no need to be blue,
Hear these words that they wrote to you:
'Valentine, Valentine,
Be my own little Valentine!'
I believe this was sent to you,
From a friend who is tried and true.

"Valentine, Valentine,
I'm so glad that there's one that's mine!
Now I know that I won't be blue,
For I've found a friend who's true."

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