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Waiting for a Valentine

Written By: R. Worthington
Music By: T. Crampton
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans
Copyright © 2002

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"Oh, who will be my Valentine?"
Says Rosy Red, with eyes that shine,
Says Rosy Red, with eyes that shine.
"Please, Postman, bring some mail my way,
A Valentine would make my day,
Oh, Postman, please, what do you say?"

"Oh, Valentine, where can you be?"
Says Rosy Red, impatiently,
Says Rosy Red, impatiently.
"Dear Postman, please, don't let me down,
I'm getting tired of waiting 'round,
My smile is turning to a frown."

"Oh, goodness me, what's this I see?"
Says Rosy Red, so happily,
Says Rosy Red, so happily.
She spies the Postman on the path,
"Please hurry, Postman, hurry fast!
A Valentine for me at last!"

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