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The Mostly Ghostly Rag

Written By: J.P. Harrison
Copyright © 2000 J.P. Harrison

Well....late last night, such a terrible fright
it was the mostliest ghostliest sight that I,
I had ever seen
they were here and there
they were everywhere
they gave me quite a nasty scare
and I was hopin' with all my might
that it was just a dream
they said, "How do you do,"
But it sounded like, "BOO !"
(And I went under the bed)
then they started to dance
without any pants
in fact, without any heads
they put on a show, for free, don't you know
but I couldn't look,'cause they frightened me so
but they were just doin' that old ghostly rag.......
One flew out of the air
sat on a chair
and looked me in the eye
said, "Why all the fuss?
Come and dance with us
We're awful friendly
Don't you be so shy!"
But I shook my head, stayed under the bed
and wished that they'd all go away instead
but they wouldn't stop doin'
that old ghostly rag
So if you wake at night don't turn on the light
('cause they'll all be there !)
Dancin' around, makin' horrible sounds
you'll have yourself a terrible scare
just you pipe up and say,
"Now you all go away !
A haunted house is where you should stay
and you can keep doin'
Your old ghostly rag...
Just go away and take your
Old ghostly rag!"