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January 2010 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter we have songs and
activities for Valentine's Day, plus other important information.
Thank you, {!name} for the Christmas and New Year greetings.

1. Valentine Cards to Make
There are ten Valentine card activity sheets on this PDF:
Valentine ActivitySheets link:
Each card has writing lines inside for your students to write their
messages. Four cards are in color and the other four in black and
white for coloring.
To make the cards, fold along the longer side of the sheet, on the
dashed lines, and then fold again.

To see all the KIDiddles ActivitySheets, click on this link

2. Valentine SongSheets
Here are the Valentine SongSheets:
A Special Valentine
A Valentine for Me
My Valentine
St. Valentine's Day
Valentines are Coming
Waiting for a Valentine

Click on this link SongSheets to see all the KIDiddles SongSheets:

3. New Registration System
You can now download the printable sheets directly from the song
pages. You no longer have to go to the full list of all the sheets.

1. Just go to a song page, for example, Baby Bumble Bee:
2. Click on one of the reduced printable sheets in the left margin.
3. You will be asked to sign-in, but you do not yet have a password.
4. Click on "Forgot My Password", so that we can email your password.
5. Wait 30 minutes for your account to be activated.
6. You will then be able to sign-in with your new password.
7. Download as many sheets as you like directly from the song pages.

4. Reading K-3
The sample lesson for the new "Reading K-3-How to Teach Reading,
Writing and Spelling" lessons is almost ready. I'm just waiting for
some final feedback from teachers who are testing it.

The response so far as been fantastic. I can't wait to find out
what you think of it. I hope you'll let me know what you think
after you see the sample lesson. The lessons use the synthetic
phonics method. If you didn't watch the video I made about
Synthetic Phonics, You can see it here:
Please follow the link to see the video:

I will email you as soon as the sample lesson is ready.

5. Rock the Cradle
I've just uploaded this lovely lullaby performed by Sandi & Stevie,
I know you'll love it. Rock the Cradle MP3:

You can also visit the song page for the lyrics:

6. Top 20 Songs for 2009
Here the list of the most popular songs on KIDiddles last year:

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

2. Hush, Little Baby

3. Baby Bumblebee

4. Baa Baa Black Sheep

5. Frère Jacques

6. Little Bunny Foo Foo

7. The Wheels on the Bus

8. Mary Had a Little Lamb

9. This Little Light of Mine

10. Alphabet Song

11. If You're Happy and You Know It

12. Old MacDonald

13. A-Fishing

14. Apples and Bananas

15. Jesus Loves Me

16. The Ants Go Marching

17. Eensy Weensy Spider

18. He's Got the Whole Worldin His Hands

19. Rise and Shine

20. Yankee Doodle

7. More Great Websites
"1000s of FREE teaching aids
Thousands of colourful free visual aids, activities, posters,
signs & labels, displays
See this and thousands of other great teacher sites at:

Keep on Singing!


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