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April 2011

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April 2011 Newsletter

Hi ~ We have some important dates coming up this month.
April 22, will be Earth Day and April 24 is Easter Sunday.
Last day to file Federal Taxes in the USA without penalty is
April 18, but let's forget about that!

1. Easter and Spring Songs on KIDiddles
See the following printable SongSheets for Easter and Spring:

1. Hurray It's Easter Day
2. Easter Eggs
3. On Easter Morn
4. Song of the Easter Bunny
5. The Easter Bunny's Eggs
6. Dear Old Easter Bunny
7. Hot Cross Buns
8. Big Grizzly Bear
9. Let's Plant a Garden

2. ReadingLessons.com
The first level of sixty lessons have now been completed. The
program teaches all forty-four phonemes in easy to follow
step-by-step lessons. You can also download 52 decodable
"I See Sam" books to help with fluency and comprehension.
And best of all --everything in the program is free:

3. Easy Learning Books
The Easy Learning Books are dedicated to meeting the specific
requirements of teachers, parents, care givers and others
involved in educating children with special needs. Working
closely with classroom teachers and specialists across the
United States, the creators of this new website have created
a unique series of themed books that serve as the basis for
each teaching unit on the site.

You can see an sample of a book that I think will particularly
interest you. It's called The Orchestra. It's a terrific
animated book with excellent music and commentary. You can
also sample a quiz for the Orchestra book.
Go to the link below and click on the violin.

4. Sites for Teachers
Hundreds of websites aimed at teachers, rated by popularity.
You'll always find something interesting on this site:

5. Earth Day
Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and
appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. The recent
tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan reminds us of Mother
Nature's power. Reading A-Z has developed an impressive
package that includes books on earthquakes, tsunamis, and
plate tectonics, as well resource sheets on earthquakes, the
disaster in Japan, and helping children cope with disasters.
They are making the book "Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis"
available free of charge. Here's the link:

6. Free Songs for Earth Day!
Get six Earth Friendly songs FREE from popular multicultural
children's performer Daria. How do you do it? Just send her
a suggestion of one thing that you can do to love the Earth.
There's also a wonderful poster give-away and recycled art
and musical crafts. You can find out all about it on Daria's
website at:

Or check out the new 1,000 Ways To Love The Earth blog here:
I'll be in touch next month.
Keep on Singing!