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Campfire Songbook and Rhyme Cards free in this June Newsletter

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June 2010 Newsletter

Hello ~ I've got some great things to share with you this
month. Free rhyme cards, a campfire songbook, new reading lessons,
and more.

1. ReadingLessons Rhyme cards
Download and print 40 different rhyme cards. There are many games
children can play using the cards. Here are a couple of games:

Concentration: spread out the cards face-down. The first player
tries to turn over two cards that rhyme. If they are successful,
they keep the cards and get another turn. If they don't rhyme,
it's the next player's turn. The player with the most cards, after
all the cards have been turned over, is the winner.

Down by the Bay: Use the Kididdles SongSheet for "Down by the Bay."
Sing the song and point out the rhymes in the song.
For example:
"Did you ever see a bear
Combing his hair
Down by the bay?"

Group the cards into rhyming pairs and lay face-down.
Ask a student to pick a pair of rhyming cards, then make-up a rhyme
using the rhyming images on the selected cards.

For example, if they picked up "box" and "fox" they could say:
"Did you ever see a fox
Jumping on a box
Down by the bay?"

Encourage them to make the rhymes as silly as they can.
Here's the link for the "Down by the Bay" SongSheet:

Here's the link to the Rhyme Cards:

There are more games to play with the rhyme cards in Lessons 2 and
5 of ReadingLessons.com

2. ReadingLessons.com
The rhyme cards are just one of the many free resources offered on
ReadingLessons.com, the new reading program that we, at Kididdles,
are developing, in response to many requests from Kididdles members.

The first five lessons are now available. You can find an overview
to the new program by going to the page:
On that page, you can sign-up to get access to the lessons and all
the many free resources.

3. CampFire SongBook
If you've forgotten the words to the great songs you sang at camp,
you should download the "KIDiddles CampFire SongBook." There are 24
favorites that kids will enjoy.

Some of the songs you find in the book:

Waltzing Matilda
Home on the Range
On Top of Old Smokey
There's a Hole in the Bucket
Found a Peanut
I've Been Working on the Railroad

Here's the link for the songbook:
Here's a link for the color cover:

4. Kididdles and Alzheimer's Research
I am proud and happy to let you know that songs from Kididdles were
used in research to ascertain if music helps to enhance memory in
Alzheimer patients.

Researchers Nicholas Simmons-Stern, Andrew Budson and Brandon Ally
at the Center for Translational Cognitive Neuroscience in Boston
have published their findings "Music as a memory enhancer in
patients with Alzheimer's disease" in the scholarly publication

The research did confirm the music helps the memory of people
suffering from the disease.
I am happy that we were able to help in the research as my mother
suffered from this terrible disease.

5. More Free Resources for Teaching
There is much valuable material for teachers on the Internet, but
sometimes it's difficult to find.
That's where "Sites for Teachers" helps. The site lists hundreds
of educational websites in one place, and the sites are listed
based on popularity. Give it a try:

Hope you have a happy summer AND keep on singing!,


P.S. Here again is the link to ReadingLessons.com:

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