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March 2010 Newsletter

In this version of the Newsletter, the links are not clickable.
To see a version with clickable links and images, go here:
March 2010 Newsletter

This month you can download the KIDiddles Lullaby
Songbook for no charge.

1. The KIDiddles Lullaby Songbook
I've put together a new song book for you. It has ten favorite
lullabies with lyrics and music. You can download it, including
the cover and contents page all in one file. Get it by clicking on
the link below:

Sandi and Stevie, the award-winning San Francisco duo, has
recorded some of the lullabies in the Song Book.
You can listen to, and download, the songs from the KIDiddles site:

a. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

b. Hush, Little Baby

c. All the Pretty Little Horses

d. All Through the Night

e. Rock-A-Bye, Baby

f. Lullaby and Goodnight

g. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

You can see all 163 lullabies on Kididdles on the Lullabies page:

You can get "Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites" CD here:

2. Songs for Spring and Easter
Easter will be here early next month. Here are some
KIDiddles SongSheets for Easter and Spring:

a. All in an Easter Garden

b. Easter Eggs

c. On Easter Morn

d. Song of the Easter Bunny

e. Easter Bunny's Eggs

f. Dear Old Easter Bunny

g. Hurray, It's Easter Day!

h. Hot Cross Buns

i. Big Grizzly Bear

j. Let's Plant a Garden

You can see ALL the SongSheets on the printable SongSheets page:

3. Songs for St Patrick's Day
Saint Patrick's Day is March 17th. Celebrate the patron saint of
Ireland's day with these Irish songs on KIDiddles:

a. Danny Boy:
Listen to Sandi and Stevie perform this song:

b. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling:

c. Irish Lullaby (Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral)
Another Sandi and Stevie song to listen to

d. My Wild Irish Rose

e. Wearing the Green

f. Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?

g. The Rattlin' Bog

4. Reading Lessons
I am almost ready to upload the revised sample lesson for the
Reading Lessons site. I've received very valuable feedback from
hundreds of teachers and parents, who have commented on the
original sample lesson.

If you watched the video and completed the survey, many thanks.
If you'd like to check out the original sample lesson, it's here:

The revised sample lesson will be available next week.
I'll let you know when it's ready. Don't forget, the lessons will
be free.

5. New KIDiddles Registration System
You can now download the printable sheets directly from the song
pages. You no longer have to go to the full list of all the sheets.
We had a few glitches with the new registration system, but that's
all fixed now.

If you have not yet registered:
a. You do not yet have a password but your email is in the database.
b. Fill in the "Forgot My Password" form, so that we can email your
password. Here's the link for the form:
d. You will then be able to sign-in with your new password.
e. Download as many sheets as you like directly from the song pages.

6. How Can KIDiddles be free?
I get emails every week asking how can we provide the KIDiddles
service without a fee. The answer is that KIDiddles does not make
a profit but the Google ads on the site help pay for some of the
overhead costs.

The way it works is that when an advert on the site is clicked on,
KIDiddles gets a tiny payment, tenths of a penny. Less than 2% of
the people visiting a page click on the ads, so the more traffic
we get, the more clicks, and the more income to help defer costs.

7. More Great Websites
"FREE Worksheets, quizzes, games and online practice on math,
grammar, phonics, handwriting, word search, language arts, social
studies and geography for preschool to middle school.

See this and thousands of other great teacher sites at:

Keep on Singing!


P.S. Here again is the link to the KIDiddles Lullaby Songbook:

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