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Free Phonics Cards and Song Book in August Newsletter

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August 2010 Newsletter

Hello ~Free Songbook, free Phonics Cards, and a great new
website in this August newsletter.

1. KIDiddles Christmas Songbook (53 pages)
I know it's early, but I also know that some teachers are already
thinking about Christmas concerts and shows at the end of the year.
To help decide which carols to use, I have included this month,
the KIDiddles Christmas Songbook.

You can download it now, so that it's there when you want to print
it out. Here's the link:
Here's a link for the color cover:

2. ReadingLessons Sound/Symbol Cards
Download and print Sound/Symbol cards (28 cards).
Sound/Symbol Phonics Cards

Use the front of the cards to teach phonemic awareness.
Ask "What sound does this animal (object) begin with?"

The reverse side of the cards show the letter that the animal
on the front of the cards begins with-lowercase and uppercase.
Teach the letter that corresponds to the sound.

3. ReadingLessons Website
The Sound/Symbol cards are just one of the many free resources
offered on ReadingLessons.com, the new reading program that we,
at Kididdles, have developed.

Besides the lessons, which you can
1. use online
2. download to your computer
3. print out to store in a binder

ReadingLessons.com has the following free resources:

* Rhyme Cards
* Sound/Symbol Cards
* Writing Practice Sheets
* Letter Cards
* Word Cards
* High Frequency Word Cards
* plus lots more.

Lessons are now available. You can sign-up to get access to the
lessons and all of the many free resources.

If you haven't signed-up, here's the link:
ReadingLessons.com http://www.readinglessons.com

4. Kididdles and Alzheimer's Research
In the last newsletter, I told you that songs from Kididdles were
used in research to ascertain if music helps to enhance memory in
Alzheimer patients.

Researchers Nicholas Simmons-Stern, Andrew Budson and Brandon Ally
at the Center for Translational Cognitive Neuroscience in Boston
used Kididdles in their research with Alzheimer patients.

I have just heard that NOVA (PBS) will be doing a podcast
featuring this research. I let you know when it will be available.

The research confirmed that music helps the memory of people
suffering from Alzheimers.

5. Cyberkidz Free Educational Games
Cyberkidz is an educational platform for boys and girls aged 4 -12
years old.
Please visit Cyberkidz if you want some great free games for music
(and other subjects).
Here's the link:

6. Beat the Heat
f you are trying to beat the heat this summer, you may want to make
some music and enter a contest designed by popular children's
performer, DARIA. It's called the My Family Makes Music Contest and
has dozens of prizes include a real dulcimer, a shekere from Ghana
and lots of CD's, t-shirts and "make-your-own" maracas kits.

Complete rules, ideas and suggestions can be found on Daria's
website which won a 2009 Parent's Choice Award as a best place for
kids to check out World Music on the web - Daria's website:

7. More Free Resources for Teaching
There is much valuable material for teachers on the Internet, but
sometimes it's difficult to find.
That's where "Sites for Teachers" helps. The site lists hundreds
of educational websites in one place, and the sites are listed
based on popularity. Give it a try:

Keep on Singing!

P.S. Here again is the link to http://www.ReadingLessons.com

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